Gold Price Forecast: XAUUSD enjoys renewed buying interest between $1,800-$1,850 – Commerzbank
FXStreet · 20 Jun 2022 658 Views

Gold is finally able to hold its own again and has risen slightly to $1,845. Economists at Commerzbank expect the yellow metal to trade comfortably above the $1,800 level.

Speculative financial investors retreated on a grand scale from gold

“Gold was unable to resist the downward pull of cyclical commodities on Friday and likewise fell. The lower price level generated buying interest, however: at over 10 tons, the gold ETFs tracked by Bloomberg registered their biggest daily inflow since mid-April on Friday.”

“The renewed buying interest that is repeatedly seen at prices of between $1,800 and $1,850 is likely in our view to prevent gold from dropping lastingly or noticeably below the $1,800 mark.”

“According to the CFTC’s statistics, net long positions were slashed by 36% to just shy of 37,000 contracts in the week to 14 June. Speculative financial investors probably played a major part in the slide in the gold price during the period under review, in other words.”

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