Is inBetweeners NFT – really worth it?

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Is inBetweeners NFT – really worth it?

Are you interested in a specific Non-Fungible Token that has an emotional value in some way? Have you considered the idea of investing in the famous inBetweeners NFT this year? If you haven’t heard about the inBetweeners NFT until now, it is time to learn all the essentials of one of the most talked-about non-fungible tokens that will bring some of your dearest childhood memories.

Speaking of childhood memories, one can ask themselves what Non-Fungible Tokens have to do with it; we’ll point out that Naples artist Gianpiero is responsible for that. He brought his childhood memories to life through the inBetweeners NFT collection that you’ll get to know.

Gianpiero combined his exquisite art skills with just a dash of Justin Bieber’s fairy dust. As a result, the world got acquainted with a simple NFT project that recently made it to OpenSea’s Top 10 charts. If you are thrilled to know more about this remarkable non-fungible Project, let’s get to the basics, shall we?

What is the inBetweeners NFT collection?


Have you ever thought about what there is to know about a group of cute teddy bears meandering the Ethereum blockchain? If so, we’ll provide you with crucial information about this unique Non-Fungible Token Project.

The famous inBetweeners collection comprises 10,777 NFTs with a floor price of 0.45 ETH. These Non-Fungible Tokens represent a combination of approximately 175 hand-drawn attributes that have shifting rarities. Famous as inBetweeners NFT wallpaper examples, these hand-drawn teddy bears are a pure work-of-art and inspirational joy.

Gianpiero had a specific vision with his collection to spread positivity, meaning that love is the center of everything in the Universe. Keep in mind that Every inBetweener NFT is 1in1 based on that combination of driftless attributes.

Who created the inBetweeners?

As mentioned before, the famous inBetweeners NFT were created by a well-renowned artist Gianpiero D’Alessandro. This artist is also very familiar with the world of Non-Fungible Tokens since he had the opportunity to work intensely with the industry’s top players such as Nike, Levi’s and Snoop Dogg.

Gianpiero D’Alessandro started drawing as a little boy in his native Italy, where art was highly appreciated. It gave him the wings to enter into a much happier reality since he was involved in creating his drawings, little “work-of-arts” at the time. Being a young boy, he often hugged his favorite teddy bear to feel happier and safer.

Later in his life, that was the real inspiration to create the inBetweeners NFT project. It reminds people that they aren’t alone. Every individual on the planet deserves to feel safe and be happy and socialized.

The inBetweeners NFT team

The inBetweeners NFT team

Besides the leading artist who has created the whole collection, here are other members of the inBetweeners team you should meet:

  • Ogden – Project management
  • Berks – Development
  • Rita – Operations
  • Justin – Partner

What is Gianpiero also famous for?

Gianpiero is also famous for some other “cool stuff” he’s done, such as:

  • Designing Justin Bieber’s “changes” merch
  • Making compelling collaborations with Levi’s brand
  • Designing Snoop Dog’s merchandize
  • Playing soccer with Sergio Ramos for the Nike brand.
  • Being selected as “The artist of the launch of Netflix Italy”.

The mission of the inBetweeners project

The mission of the inBetweeners project

This popular Non-Fungible Token community is enormous and growing daily, intending to spread positivity and encourage people whether in real life or the metaverse.

Besides spreading positivity, they are uplifting people to be healthy and wholesome. The artist behind this Project had a clear mission to make the world a better and more loving place.

This particular community describes itself as a “global crowdsourced community primarily focused on spreading positivity and love”. If you ask them, the inBetweeners NFT community is the best place to find “thousands of shoulders to lean on” in any circumstance.

It is also essential to remember that inBetweeners tend to keep themselves grounded, even though their identity rises into the cloud.

How to mint an inBetweener?

If you are wondering how to mint an inBetweener, here are the crucial steps to do so:

  • You will need Ethereum (ETH) in order to mint an inBetweener successfully.
  • Purchasing ETH is possible on any crypto exchange.
  • When you get yourself an ETH, download a Metamask wallet.
  • Transfer your ETH to the wallet
  • Start the minting process.

What is the community wallet exactly?

The community wallet regarding inBetweeners NFT is funded by 50% of secondary transaction fees of NFTs such as inBetweeners. Holders of these NFTs can suggest and vote on community-based projects every month.

How many inBetweeners can you mint?

Now that you understand how inBetweeners are minted, it is time to learn how many of them you can mint. Here is what you need to know:

  • During the pre-sale, you can mint five inBetweeners per wallet.
  • During the public sale, you can mint ten inBetweeners per transaction.

What is the purpose of owning an inBetweener?

What is the purpose of owning an inBetweener?

If thinking about what is the point of owning an inBetweener and is there any utility whatsoever, owning it will provide you with the access to their:

  • Holder-only Discord channels
  • Governance in the Community Wallet
  • Invites to IRL events such as Field Trips
  • Underlying IP
  • Copyright for each inBetweener.

What is the inBetweeners NFT price?

What is the inBetweeners NFT price?

The inBetweeners NFT Mint Price is, currently, 0.27 Eth + gas price. Every investor should know that the price has been stable ever since the public sale leading up to the end of the year. Speaking of the inBetweeners NFT floor price, as of December 30th 2021, is about 1.45 Eth.

Buying inBetweeners is relatively easy. The entire inBetweens NFT collection is listed on the OpenSea Marketplace. According to sales prediction, the average sales of December 30th 2021, lie at 75, with Justin Bieber making posts about it on his official Instagram account.

For that reason, the inBetweeners NFT Price Prediction is dropping since Justin Bieber’s surprise isn’t announced yet.

What are these surprises?

Since Gianpiero wanted to create a community of enthusiasts who would share the same passion for positivity, he prepared the following surprises:

  • An Art Show Party in Los Angeles in 2022
  • Monthly meetups and events
  • With the artist’s signature, one hundred randomly chosen holders will get a hand-painted canvas of their Non-Fungible Token.
  • Mystery utility with a famous singer Justin Bieber
  • Celebrating the Inbetweeners Non-Fungible Token Justin Bieber collaboration.

Considering the list above, the Project includes a benevolent message and something quite interesting to offer. Gianpiero showcases his own talent and thus, strives toward creating a robust and long-term community of kind-hearted individuals.

What is the roadmap of inBetweeners?

  • Launching token gated tools, especially for holders
  • Develop a voting framework for community wallet proposals, and marketing
  • Hire a core team and create the foundation for a global brand and solid community
  • Web3 commerce initiatives and collaborations, IRL and Metaverse events
  • International Art Tour

InBetweeners NFT on OpenSea

NFT platforms, NFT marketplaces

At the time of writing this, the current situation regarding inBetweeners NFT on the OpenSea marketplace is the following:

  • Items: 10.8k
  • Owners: 5.6k
  • Floor Price: 0.23
  • Volume Traded: 12.0

The success of the inBetweeners NFT project

In the following months, the team behind the inBetweeners NFT project will definitely, fill up more positions as they build the foundation to develop a global brand and a solid community. More and more metaverse events will take place and inBetweeners IRL.

Besides that, we are expecting more Web3 commerce initiatives and alluring collaborations. In years to come, the artist Gianpiero will organize an international art tour. According to Element_Market and its Top 10 NFT gainers in the past 24 hours, the inBetweeners project was sitting comfortably at the Number 1 spot.

The passionate community is also able to look forward to other compelling projects, such as #inBetweenersArtWeek and the Dolce & Gabbana x inBetweeners, which will be very popular among the NFT enthusiasts.

Is it worth investing in inBetweeners?

Is it worth investing in inBetweeners?

Of course, one of the main questions regarding the inBetweeners topic is – is it really worth investing in them? It is, without a doubt, perhaps the most frequently asked question among all the Non-Fungible Tokens enthusiasts. They are eager to invest in some of the top-notch NFTs that will enable them to achieve significant profits in the future.

They reside on the Ethereum Blockchain and represent a collection with amusing and cute characteristics. Every NFT is imbued with a positive essence, unique and hand-drawn. The main reason people buy NFTs is to certify intellectual property and identity.

According to the inBetweeners NFT project success mentioned before in the text, we can see that it has excellent potential to increase value over time.


Although Non-Fungible Tokens are not yet 100% regulated or considered safe investments, those who have a sense of finance and investing in tokens and cryptocurrencies can know for sure that the NFT project is one of the most successful currently on the market and that by investing in the same, will make a significant boost.

According to our experts, the young artist Gianpiero has a lot to offer to all NFT lovers who aim to invest in something of quality that will last. Therefore, the advice of our experts is to determine the amount of money you can afford to invest and see for yourself why NFT investors are the right story for severe and long-term investors! After all, it is Justin Bieber’s favourite NFT, and he wouldn’t want to drop it, would he?

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