NFT Curren$y – How does Curren$y make money?

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NFT Curren$y – How does Curren$y make money?

Have you heard of one of the most popular non-fungible tokens such as NFT curren$y from the famous hip-hop artist? Are you one of the crypto enthusiasts who enjoy learning about new currencies and potential earnings?

Whether you are a beginner in investing in the market or have relevant experience, it is always advantageous and recommended to be aware of what is currently on the market from Non-Fungible Tokens. The famous NFT curren$y is currently in the midst of popularity, and among the whole cryptocurrency community, there’s a lot of discussion about this token, and you will find out why.

At a time when many celebrities, including musicians, athletes, and influencers, are launching their NFTs, it is no wonder why nft curren$y, launched by one of the famous hip hop artists, has reached the spotlight lately.

But, let’s commence from the very beginning to give a more detailed explanation of who curren$y really is in the first place, shall we?

Who is Curren$y?

Shante Scott Franklin

Curren$y, born Shante Scott Franklin, is an American rapper, record executive and songwriter. This hip-hop star, who is also known as Spitta Andretti or Juke, founded a label called Jet Life Recordings back in 2011. He’s been actively involved in music since 2002, when he signed to Master P’s No Limit Records and became a crucial part of the famous group called “504 boyz”.

Before signing to Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment in late 2004, Curren$y made appearances on famous albums such as “Ballers” by 504 Boyz in 2002 and “Good Side, Bad Side” by Master P in 2004. This famous rapper released various mixtapes and made some crucial appearances on albums of the same label.

In 2009, Curren$y signed with Amalgam Digital in order to release the album called “This Ain’t No Mixtape”. After this debut album, he released the second one called “Jet Flies” the same year. In 2010, this famous rapper released his third album called “Pilot Talk” and his fourth “Pilot Talk II”.

In 2011, Curren$y signed a label deal with the famous entertainment company Warner Bros. “Canal Street Confidential” was his latest album which was released in 2015.

An underground Hip-Hop Sensation

Curren$y is a hip-hop underground sensation that succeeded in the world of music by staying out of the way and making his lane. Like his fellow hip-hop stars, he has gotten on board the Non-Fungible Token craze.

He managed to combine the current trend with two of his favourite things on the planet: music and cannabis. On April 20, 2021, the so-called “unofficial day of cannabis”, the rapper, along with Bondly Finance, a development and a music NFT strategy company, released an NFT-only dubbed “Financial District”. It was accompanied by a bundle of additional goodies that we’ll discuss later.

Studio Albums by Curren$y

This ain't no mixtape
  • 2009: “This Ain’t No Mixtape.”
  • 2009: “Jet Files.”
  • 2010: “Pilot Talk.”
  • 2010: “Pilot Talk II.”
  • 2011: “Weekend at Burnie’s.”
  • 2012: “The Stoned Immaculate.”
  • 2015: “Pilot Talk III.”
  • 2015: “Canal Street Confidential.”

Collaborative albums

  • 2011: “Covert Coup” feat. The Alchemist
  • 2012: “Muscle Car Chronicles” feat. Sean O’Connell
  • 2018: “Fetti” feat. Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist
  • 2019: “2009” feat. Wiz Khalifa
  • 2019: “Pheno Grigio” feat. Berner

So, what about the NFT Curren$y intended to release? Let’s get more information about it, shall we?

NFT Curren$y album – get all information

NFT Curren$y album - get all information

Have you heard that Curren$y is releasing his new EP “Financial District”, which will come out as an NFT to soundtrack “everyone’s 4/20 cyphers”? The founder of “Jet Recordings”, famous Curren$y, was interviewed by CXL about all the newly made soundtracks powered by the NFT technology of the famous NFT development company called “Bondly Finance”.

According to the famous American rapper, he hopes that the “Financial District” NFT album will end up being a marvellous audio art experience through the power of Non-Fungible Tokens, which listeners treasure. He also sees it as a “conversation thing” among all the devoted fans.

Curren$y has decided to try NFT to provide something rare, unique, and accessible to his most devoted fans and listeners. However, some beginners who have heard about the Curren$y NFT might still wonder what NFTs actually are.

What is an NFT?

NFT represents a non-fungible token or digital file that includes everything from music, art, and memorabilia for absolute beginners. People can purchase NFTs with cryptocurrencies or credit cards. In other words, an NFT is simply a digital collectable that is uniquely identifiable and different from cryptocurrencies that are fungible.

Keep in mind that the accurate market value of one single Non-Fungible Token is associated with the digital file it usually references. Besides that, NFTs provide specific proof of ownership and a public certificate of authenticity.

What to expect from the “Financial District” NFT album and auction event?


Commonly, on social media platforms, we could have seen snippets and sneak peeks of the “Financial District” that gave us some clue about what can we expect in cyberspace. However, Curren$y stated that his devoted fans would not be steered wrong if they took the chance, meaning that his fans trust him and support him.

For that reason, this rapper feels responsible not letting them down in any way. Thus, this NFT Curren$y has been announcing will be something unique and extraordinary that these fans and other music admirers will fall in love with!

A lucky auction winner will get:

  • Financial District EP of seven tracks
  • The A1-of-1 art piece, especially designed by Kid Eight
  • A physical version on canvas of the digital art piece
  • Receiving flights and hotel accommodation to meet the rapper and attend the event.

Tier 2 features a 5-song selection from the EP, 4/20 Smoke Pass and Curren$y Lowrider NFT, while Tier 3 includes a 4/20 virtual smoke session with him and Jet Life.

Monetization of the NFT Curren$y album

NFT Curren$y album

According to Curren$y, he wanted to monetize some things that are “directly original to him, and people couldn’t get it anywhere else”. He stated that, in times when everything is happening virtually online, on video conferences, he wanted to expose how interactive he can be with his listeners and supporters through a time when the way that musicians make money has been compromised.

Also, he stated that “everybody has to reinvent the way they get paid”; thus, he aimed to do precisely that. Curren$y compared it with people who cannot afford to pay for the “best Gucci piece ever made”. However, they can purchase its NFT to “feel like they own the design”.

It means that that art piece they’ve purchased as an NFT is eternal and exists in a space that you cannot put your fingers on. In the rapper’s case, he didn’t want to draw notes like other NFT artists selling their visual art.

What he wanted to do was to pen his lyrics that would be unheard on other platforms or in any other realm except for the NFT realm. He didn’t want to go through a computer to find B-sides, incomplete songwriting, or songs we didn’t feel like using. Instead of that, he went to the lab, creating original pieces explicitly meant for that purpose.

In order to understand this better, we’ll give you more explanation about the sale of the NFT Curren$y album.

The sale of the album

The sale of this popular upcoming album will go for three days straight. According to the rapper and the creator of this project, all buyers of his NFT album will receive more than just music. At a future event, here is who will meet Curren$y:

  • 3D piece of art by 3d animating graphic artist kid Eight
  • Atari Metaverse gaming console
  • Travel accommodations

The seven-track “Financial District” EP is on sale for $500, while his five-track EP could be bought at $250. In addition to that, people can also buy smaller ties of the Non-Fungible Token that includes fewer songs, a Jet Life Recordings Chain, a virtual smoke session, and many other exciting things!

Curren$y Digital Collectibles NFT platforms, NFT marketplaces

Suppose you are looking for Curren$y Digital Collectibles. In that case, we advise you to visit the OpenSea marketplace, type in the search bar by the name “Curren$y Digital Collectibles”, and you will see the official collection of 13 items by Curren$y and Jet life Apparel.

As of this writing, the current situation of this collection on the OpenSea is the following:

  • Items: 13
  • Owners: 309
  • Floor Price: 0.13
  • Volume Traded 4.1
  • Created by: 86A86B

Hip-Hop and NFT

Spitta Andretti, or Curren$y, is just one of the latest hip-hop artists who manage to capitalize on the imposing NFT wave. Besides Spitta, we witnessed NFTs released by Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, and Azealia Banks have made headlines for following suit. Besides it, he featured a project in the recent campaign for the Monogram cannabis line by Jay Z recently.

The campaign was brought to the spotlight by the well-known Hype Williams who photographed Currenn$y and other hip-hop artists.

So, suppose you consider yourself a huge fan of hip-hop music and Non-Fungible Tokens. In that case, we highly recommend you purchase your own NFT Curren$y album and enjoy the original rap masterpiece by this renowned artist!

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