Curse NFT – why is it so special?

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Curse NFT – why is it so special?

Launched by Accursed Share in September 2021, Curse NFT Tickets represent a collection of 1,000 NFTs that award admittance to the confidential Curse NFT Auctions, admittance to future presales, and a one-time use to partake in Accursed Share’s dynamic NFT platform where numerous remarkable NFTs spread the word about art made by well known artists. Curse NFT Tickets are additionally VIP passes to community-only Discord channels and early admittance to Accursed Share displays and surprise airdrops.

The NFT itself is a 4K 3D picture of Krystall Schott during New York Fashion Week 2016. At that point, Krystall Schott’s photograph was the uncredited #1 quest for “face” on Google. To beat the curse of Google’s hunt calculation, Accursed Share desires to assist Krystall Schott with recovering her picture and story with brilliant chain innovation by making the main powerful NFT that responds because of the cost of Ethereum.

Positive 3D rendering will be shown on the off chance that Ethereum gains for two back to back days, while negative 3D rendering will be shown following two days of Ethereum drop. On the off chance that Ethereum comes to $20,000, the NFT will show Krystall’s face in its completely straightforward, legitimate structure.

Curse nft – Depiction/Specs

Curse NFT

Curse nft is a remarkable NFT, of which there will just at any point be one printing (1/1). It is an uncommon, intuitive show-stopper that can reestablish the non-fungibility of all intangibles, which is the human face.

Curse nft will have five unique introductions. At the point when the cost of ETH goes up for 1 and 2 days straight, the NFT will show “positive” 3D renderings. At the point when the cost of ETH diminishes for 1 and 2 days straight, the showcases will be “negative.” Finally, when the cost of ETH hits 20K, Krystall’s face will be shown in its completely “honored” structure.

Curse nft will utilize Chainlink’s progressive oracle technology to make the main powerful NFT advance because of the everyday cost of Ethereum.

Curse nft auction


For sale, the team is cooperating with OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace on the planet. The bartering will be held through

All members will require a ticket and an ETH wallet to put a bid.

The tickets will be an exceptional video NFT that gives its proprietor a unique perspective on Curse in the background.

Tickets will open up on August eighteenth, with some being saved for VIP solicitations and prizes.

The Curse NFT Tickets NFT collection comprises 1,000 assets, which are all, as of now, live. The collection-to-wallet possession proportion is roughly 1.927 to 1, with a 7-day normal cost of 0.000 ETH ($0). Throughout recent hours, clients have paid 0.00 ETH ($0) to possess a piece of the Curse NFT Tickets collection, which is below the normal Curse NFT Tickets NFT price of 0.80 ETH ($1,511) since its launch.

The most effective method to purchase Curse NFT Tickets on OpenSea

The typical cost of Curse NFT Tickets is 0.803 ETH ($1,511), so you can hope to pay around that expense to get an NFT in the Curse NFT Tickets collection:

  • Store your wallet with digital currency to purchase your NFT.
  • Most NFTs on OpenSea are traded utilizing Ether, the local crypto on the Ethereum blockchain. Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to take care of the expense of the NFT and any connected charges, similar to gas.
  • Track down your NFT on OpenSea
  • OpenSea has countless NFTs recorded, so think about glancing through collections.
  • Move ETH to a web3 wallet. MetaMask is a well known web3 wallet choice.
  • Purchase your Curse NFT Tickets NFT

At the point when you’re prepared to make your buy, click the “Purchase Now” button on the particular NFT you’re keen on. OpenSea will indicate the total cost, including all fees, and when buying, make certain to confirm transactions in your MetaMask wallet.

Assessing Curse NFT Tickets Collection

Assessing Curse NFT Tickets Collection

Curse NFT Tickets have a couple of elements to assess prior to buying one:

Right off the bat, while there are many advantages to keeping up with maintaining ownership of tickets, its fundamental capacity is to permit admittance to the Curse NFT platform. The burned NFT will have every one of the first privileges of the main ticket; however, taking part in the subsequent auction time can’t be utilized.

Also, beware that the Curse NFT Ticket collection is the beginning collection of Accursed Share, meaning more collections will be launched from here on out. The Curse NFT Ticket collection will assume a part in choosing the cost and whitelist of future ventures from the gathering.

At last, Curse NFT Tickets are deflationary ordinarily, as once you’ve consumed your pass to partake in the sale, it can’t be utilized to do so once more. While buying a Curse NFT ticket, it’s critical to consider whether it has been scorched and on the off chance that the greater cost for a new one is worth the effort. Numerous NFT projects need to figure out how to advance the benefit of holding token and present purposes for it later on.

Accursed Share has enhanced its beginning collection by making it both a single-use item and giving proprietors changeless, community selective privileges even whenever it has been burned. Future occasions and discrete sell-offs will likewise be gotten to by special NFTs that capacity as tickets. However, they will have an alternate relationship to auctions than Curse NFT Tickets, making every collection a capsule release.

Curse NFT – Key Considerations

Key Considerations

While creative worth is a significant part of the collection, Curse NFT Tickets are extremely utility-centred, with every variety having a unique alternate case. Tickets of higher unique case reward holders with added benefits that are yet to be declared by Accursed Share.

Curse NFT Tickets can be separated into three classes:

  • 700 Standard Tickets
  • 250 Uncommon Tickets
  • 50 Rare Tickets

With a consumed form likewise accessible, there are six all-out varieties conceivable to buy from the collection. For instance, you can possess an unburned Uncommon Ticket NFT or a consumed Rare Ticket, the two of which offer various advantages in light of their unique case or condition.

Curse NFT Tickets are among a couple of NFT collections that change their default appearance when the money of the chain they exist on Ethereum changes cost. Accursed Share as of now airdropped an NFT collection to ticket holders this previous September, with more to come. The tickets can be inspected and bought on OpenSea, an optional marketplace for NFTs.

What is an NFT?

Rarity tools NFT, NFT collectibles, NFT blockchain marketplace

A Non-Fungible Token is a unique digital coin certified by the blockchain. NFTs are secured unique or limited by tamper-proof digital titles. This is one of the very principles of the blockchain. So you wonder what blockchain is?

To simplify, it is a digital data storage technology in a decentralized way. Thus the data isn’t stored on fixed servers in one location but online. The info circulates between several computers owned by different people or groups of people, and for each modification of data, the information must be checked and validated by the majority of the computers.

In addition, the information is stored in blocks organized chronologically, which allows everything to be dated, enabling unparalleled transparency. In that way, the information is transparent, secure and fully traceable. It does not go through any intermediary and is almost impossible to hack or falsify.

These guarantees justify the interest of the blockchain as the ideal technology for all online transactions. That’s why it’s used for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and, by extension, for NFTs. There are various forms of NFT, and video games, sports, and art are the main areas of use today.

In the digital art sector, NFTs are generally JPEG or GIF files, that is to say, a static or moving images that you can keep on your computer with a single click. In this case, if it is enough to save the image thanks to a screenshot or if it can be consulted on the Internet at any time, what is the point of wasting so much money?

In reality, once you buy an NFT, you also buy the title of this work. When you resell it, you lose that title. A screenshot is no more valuable than a paper reproduction or a physical work of art. In short, it is not regarded as an original and has much less intrinsic value.

The NFTs gold Rush? Explanations of a phenomenon

The sale of the first work of digital art by Christie’s aroused incredible media enthusiasm around the beginning of March 2021.

However, the subject of NFTs has been of interest to the internet sphere for several months already and the beginnings of NFTs date from 2013. Thus, a marketplace dedicated to digital art has been developed in recent years, such as Rarible or OpenSea.

However, the most used and the most popular to date is certainly Nifty Gateway. Obtaining art, even digital, makes it possible to have a kind of reproduction of the “physical” art market that is more transparent and much more reactive.

You can sell your work a few seconds after having decided it since there is no intermediary, and everything is done automatically with safety. The lure of profit has certainly attracted more than one.

Sometimes, the value of works on the secondary market (i.e. resale from individual to individual) increases by several hundred per cent in a few hours. Today, the most famous artists are Beeple (obviously), Blake Kathryn and his futuristic and ethereal projects and FEWoCIOUS and his cubist works.

Musicians or singers have also teamed up with digital artists to make phenomenal sales, such as singer Grimes, DJ Steve Aoki or even Daft Punk, just before the announcement of their separation on February twenty-second.

Today many “traditional” artists are turning to NFT, seeing new opportunities in it. Examples include Damien Hirst, Futura 2000, Takashi Murakami and fashion photographer Mario Testino. Indeed, the demand is strong, and the purchase of NFT is now also of interest to some curious collectors.

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