What is PLATINCOIN and How to Buy It?

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What is PLATINCOIN and How to Buy It?

Have you heard about the PLATINCOIN platform and its PLC token? In this article, we will learn interesting details about the platform and its token. Without a doubt, PLATINCOIN is a global platform. People around the world have at least some knowledge about the platform.

Even if you don’t, there is always a chance to learn more about various topics, including the PLATINCOIN. Unsurprisingly, people ask questions, “What is the future of PLATINCOIN” or “How to invest in PLATINCOIN”. Some people simply would like to learn more about the PLC wallet. In any case, this article will help you gather more information about PLATINCOIN.

The PLATINCOIN platform, as well as the PLC token, are developed around the idea of getting cryptocurrencies into every person’s pocket by allowing users to rent dedicated equipment and engage in daily minting business.

First of all, what you need to know about the PLATINCOIN platform is that it regards minting as the shortcut to making cryptocurrencies a more feasible source of income to millions of people. In this case, “various” doesn’t refer only to their ambitions and plans regarding cryptocurrencies but also their technical knowledge required to make cryptocurrencies work for them.

The platform aims to eliminate complex technical procedures from the equation and the necessity to take part in the competition among the users on a single network. The platform aims to unite people around one common goal, which is to get rid of complex procedures.

Instead, PLATINCOIN offers a model in which dedicated equipment from the platform is rented by people who can gain access to new coins by minting them. Following the conclusion of the agreement contract, the platform will provide the user with a piece of equipment. It features a unique ID.

The rental period for three years, and the users can engage in minting on a daily basis. It is quite easy to rent a piece of equipment. Users need to use PLATINCOIN data centres in order to rent a piece of equipment, and the PLATINCOIN’s personnel will be in charge of connecting the users’ equipment to the system.

History of the PLATINCOIN

Source: gizchina.com

The history of the PLATINCOIN project is quite interesting. Launched in mid-2017, the project moved on under the auspices of the company PLC Group AG, a Swiss-based technological company. The company’s CEO is Alex Reinhardt. PLC Group AG is developing all technologies running in the background of the PLATINCOIN platform.

Alex Reinhardt created the PLATINCOIN cryptosystem, which today occupies a leading position in the blockchain industry. He is known as a crypto evangelist and the founder and CEO behind ELVN crypto messenger. Furthermore, Alex Reinhardt is described as a venture investor and business development expert in the fields of startup capital, etc.

What makes PLATINCOIN so interesting?

Source: platincoin.com

The project aims to achieve a broad range of goals which boil down to the popularization of PLATICOIN’s minting model in the face of the competing options such as minting:

The minting-based approach offered by the platform should make it easier for people from all over the world to get cryptocurrency coins and push them toward becoming a competitive payment option. The token to achieve this is its PLC token. It runs on an out-of-the-box approach to the implementation of the Proof-of-Stake model.

Besides, PLATINCOIN minting is promoted as a less expensive option to make income from cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, minting cryptocurrencies is known to consume huge amounts of electricity, etc.

However, PLATINCOIN’s equipment renting model is based on the provision of a PLC Secure Box system. The system offers secure storage of the user’s private key and supports the PLC minting with a block frequency of 90 sec and 4 MB block sizes. As such, the PLC Secure Box system is supposed to represent an alternative to PC-based rigs and the requirement to have them operate non-stop.

As of May 25, the market cap of PLATINCOIN is $3,282,440.19.

Let’s find out how it works!


We need to discuss one very important topic. Probably many people have one topic in mind. They want to find out how it works. It is a global project that aims to solve a number of problems.

People shouldn’t forget that PLATINCOIN implements an array of technologies which are supposed to help PLATINCOIN to deliver on its promise of making PLC token acquisition a secure as well as a predictable process.

It is based on Litecoin blockchain technology. This foundation is supposed to help the platform make use of its stability as well as transaction processing speeds, etc.

In the meantime, Litecoin’s source code should provide the platform with enough room for future upgrades. Yet, the platform’s team put their own twist on the Litecoin tech, as PLATINCOIN’s team eradicated the demand for mining-based resources, going instead for an reformed Proof-of-Stake. Notably, this model is also supposed to guarantee a fairer distribution of minting rewards.

As a reminder, the platform consists of a network with thousands of nodes. The nodes are assessed for their resistance to various types of blockchain-based attacks. Besides, the same goes for checking network partitions for their capacity to resist hacking attempts, etc. In the meantime, the same procedure also involves testing the network’s overall capacity as well as its resistance to peak loads.

Components of the platform’s ecosystem and how does PLC Secure Box Work?

The project is based on the interaction of a number of components found at the heart of PLATINCOIN’s ecosystem.

  • PLC Secure Box
  • PLATINCOIN E-wallet
  • PLATINCOIN Debit Card
  • Flight as well as Hotel Booking Tool

PLC Secure Box has the ability to produce 10% of new PLANETCOINs on an annual basis. Importantly, the amount of these boxes is limited to some 28 000 units, with a starting price of EUR 5 000. Users must store their created PLC onto the Secure Box to ensure the future proliferation of coins – once the Secure Box is activated, 10% of new coins are created from the amount of transferred PLC.

Do you know what is PLATINCOIN E-wallet?

Source: platincoin.com

PLATINCOIN comes with a number of types of wallets instead for its users. Each of them offers a diverse level of accessibility, etc.

We can start with the internal wallet. It is found in nodes and offers the broadest array of functions to the users. For example, these include the ability to create transactions. Also, users can use a digital interface to get insight into transactions, as well as code and decode them.

The internal wallet is not a great choice for large investments since the internal wallet is slightly susceptible to ordinary attacks.

Besides, mobile PLATINCOIN wallets for Android and iOS platforms are the most common solutions for interfacing and interacting with the PLATINCOIN platform. Such wallets feature private key encryption with a 6-digit PIN and an option for the storage of encrypted data on the device.

The PLATINCOIN High Secure Wallet is regarded as the most secure option when it comes to keeping the PLC.

How to make money thanks to PLATINCOIN

It is worth noting that the main application in the Power Minter is the PLC Farm, where the entire minting process takes place. So, here is what you need to start the minting process:

  • You need to choose the Power Minter that suits your needs the best and pay for it.
  • The next step is to download the PLC Farm app in the App Store or Google Pay.
  • You need to log into the PLC Farm, create a Farm wallet, send coins to it, and sign a smart contract.
  • Interestingly, after that, the PLC wallet will mint amounts of PLCs on your main wallet every month!

For example, let’s assume that you decided to invest in PLATINCOIN. You have to keep in mind that some cryptocurrencies are harder to obtain than others, and PLATINCOIN is one of them.



Unfortunately, it is not available on the Coinbase App or Coinbase Wallet.

Let’s start with the first step. You need to check CoinMarketCap to see where you can buy it and with which currencies. In the case of each cryptocurrency, CoinMarketCap provides a list of purchasing options (also known as market pairs).

You need to visit the website of the CoinMarketCap and search for PLATINCOIN. The next move is to tap on the button labelled “Market” near the price chart.

In this view, you will see a complete list of places you can purchase PLATINCOIN as well as currencies you can use to buy it. Under “Pairs”, you will notice the shorthand for PLATINCOIN, PLC, plus a second currency. You can use the second currency to purchase the cryptocurrency we mentioned several times. Moreover, if you would like to purchase PLC with the U.S. dollar, look for PLC/USD.

As we already discussed the first step, we can now discuss the second step. You need to choose a platform to make your purchase. Don’t forget that different platforms have different levels of security, reliability, as well as liquidity.

Lastly, every platform has a different way of doing things. For instance, some platforms are very easy to use, others not so much.

Generally speaking, purchasing cryptocurrency with a fiat currency like the U.S. dollar will be easier than purchasing it with another cryptocurrency.

If you need to purchase the cryptocurrency stated above with another cryptocurrency, you will need to first create a crypto wallet that supports PLATINCOIN; then, you will buy the first currency as well as use it to buy PLATINCOIN on the platform you choose. If you get stuck, don’t forget that most platforms provide guides. Even if they don’t, you can find useful information on YouTube.

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