Japan Overall Bank Lending Climbs 1.3% On Year In June

RTTNews · 08 Jul 2022 234 Views

The value of overall bank lending in Japan was up 1.3 percent on year in June, the Bank of Japan said on Friday - standing at 585.069 trillion yen.

That follows the 0.7 percent increase in May.

Excluding trusts, bank lending jumped an annual 1.5 percent at 508.864 trillion yen, up from 0.9 percent in the previous month.

Lending from trusts eased 0.2 percent on year to 76.204 trillion yen, down from 0.4 percent a month earlier.

Lending from foreign banks was down 1.3 percent on year at 3.501 trillion yen after rising 1.4 percent in May.

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